Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thomas Paine
The title very clearly conveys what this paper shows and thats common sense, this paper layed the foundation for government as we know it today. He stood up against the Tirane and taxes that plagued this young new land and proved to the colonists that the monarchy was a evil dictatorship that only cared about the royalty and land over the common man and a quality life for all. This document in my opinion is one of the most important documents in this country's history and with out thomas paine this country would not be the same. He had the courage to step up against the mother country and do what was right for the common good

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  1. I was waiting to hear what when on in the discussion in class. It would have been much better if you had related the discussion to what you had to say and if you had shown instances from the document to support what you stated. Please give the writing more care and at least make a spell check.