Thursday, December 10, 2009

The haymarket strike was a reflection of the time and the people were completely justified to go on strike and fight for their rights to have a fair and good job with conditions that were atleast a little bit better then deplorable. Strikes are a good way to get the attention of a boss and thats what this strike did..infact it gained national attention with the bloody battle that insued after the workes went on strike.

the right to vote did alot to further womens rights but it wasent everything..durring the 1920s times were difficult for women and they needed to be treated more fairly! women were discriminated against and were not considerd to be a full person.

Dr. MLK Jr's speech was a key part of the movement for equality of black Americans...without him it is very likely that we as a nation would not be as far along as we are today. His "I have a dream speech" was crucial to the advancement of black Americans and it did wonders to liberate the Blacks that have been repressed for hundreds of years.

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